The Fisherman

The Fisherman started life as a very gray piece of pine root filled with termites and other creatures.


I cleaned the wood and turned a shallow bowl.


The piece obviously was not finished so I† added the Fisherman turned using multi axis techniques, a pond and of course a lizard looking on.

Price: $950.00

One of my friends asked me to make a walking cane to be presented to a Rear Admiral retiring from public service. This was the beginning of my Walking canes.


Some months later he asked me to make two more as the donor wanted to present them to other retirees,


The shaft of the cane is turned from Jojoba (Brazilian Cherry) and the head from old growth pine harvested as beams from closing mills.


There is a recess in the head to accommodate a commemorative engraved disk.

Walking Canes

Price $150,00